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Atlantic Group

Atlantic Group is comprised of 9 wings in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland.

The Royal Canadian Air Force Association is democratic, non-sectarian and is not affiliated or connected directly or indirectly with any political party or organization.

The Association shall stand for loyalty to the reigning Sovereign and the principles of democratic and ordered government, for a National and united spirit, and for strong and united comradeship among all who have served in Military or Civil Aviation.

The Association shall be an all-ranks organization insofar as its military and ex-military members are concerned and no member shall be entitled to precedence for any reason other than by virtue of elected standing in the Association.

Wings are the grass roots level of the Royal Canadian Air Force Association.  Although the Wings are semi-autonomous and may themselves have individual constitution and by-laws the Association is, in general, a federation of Wings which are controlled by Groups, which in turn are guided by the National Executive Council.

Meetings of the Group are held in January and September at a place and time determined by the Executive, and in May for the Annual General Meeting.

The main Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Group shall be held every second odd year during the month of May, for the purpose of electing, when required, the positions of President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary, and transacting business of the Group.

Wings may offer the Group Executive Council to host the next Annual Group Convention, the AGM shall be held at the same time and place.

Each Wing within the Group shall be entitled to send accredited delegates to a Group meeting as directed by the Group.

 Bud Berntson being sworn in by Greg Spradbrow National Rep for The RCAFA , as the RCAFA Atlantic Group, Regional Vice President for Nova Scotia , at the Group AGM in Amherst , Sunday May 15, 2016

Bud Berntson being sworn in by Greg Spradbrow National Rep for The RCAFA , as the RCAFA Atlantic Group, Regional Vice President
for Nova Scotia , at the Group AGM in Amherst , Sunday May 15, 2016

Bud Berntson, RCAFA Atlantic Group, Regional Vice President for Nova Scotia and Greg Spradbrow, National Rep for The RCAFA at the Group AGM in Amherst , Sunday May 15, 2016

Bud Berntson, RCAFA Atlantic Group, Regional Vice President
for Nova Scotia and Greg Spradbrow, National Rep for The RCAFA at the Group AGM in Amherst , Sunday May 15, 2016

RCAF Association Wings

This list is a consolidation of all references ever made to any and all Wings created and/or dissolved in the RCAF Association since inception circa 1 May 1948. The purpose of the list is to serve as a resource, in the event a group of members is determined to strike up a new Wing or reinstate an old Wing. The list is not complete, and the presentation of some entries that may seem incorrect, are in fact historical references to Wings that had existed at one time, but no longer do.

4 Wing, Baden, Germany

100 (Bluenose) Wing, Halifax, NS – formed pre-1948 for WDs only

101 (Atlantic) Wing, Halifax, NS – formed pre-1948

102 (Colchester) Wing, Truro, NS – Charter granted 25 June 1949

103 (Cabot) Wing, Sydney, NS

104 Wing, Liverpool, NS

105 (Cumberland) Wing

106 (Kemptville), Kentville, NS

107 (Morfee) Wing, Annapolis Royal, NS

108 (Summerside), Summerside, PEI

110 (Northumberland) Wing, Stellarton, NS

111 (Northumberland) Wing

150 (St John’s) Wing

150 North Atlantic Wing, St. John’s, Nfld

151 Wing

200 (Summerside) Wing

201 (Confederation) Wing, Charlottetown, PEI

202 Wing, Souris, PEI

250 (St. John) Wing – formed pre-1948

251 (Madawaska) Wing, Edmunston, NB – formed pre-1948

252 (Lord Beaverbrook) Wing, Fredericton, NB

252 (Fredericton) Wing

253 (Moncton) Wing

254 (Chatham or Miramichi) Wing

255 (Restigouche) Wing, Campbellton, NB

256 (Chaleur) Wing, Bathurst, NB

300 (Remembrance) Wing, Granby, QC –  formed pre-1948

301 (Air Force Veterans’ Association) Wing – formed pre-1948

301 (Albatross) Wing, Montreal, QC

302 (Quebec City) Wing, Quebec City, QC – formed pre-1948

303 (Sherbrooke) Wing – formed pre-1948

304 (Beaver) Wing, Montreal, QC

305 (Montreal) Wing, Montreal, QC

306 (Maple Leaf) Wing, Montreal, QC

307 (Eagle) Wing, Pointe-aux-Tremblant, QC

309 Wing, Drummondville, QC

310 (Wilno) Wing, Montreal, QC

312 (La Tuque) Wing

313 (City of Montreal) Wing

314 Wing, Trois Rivieres, QC

316 (Port Alfred) Wing

317 (Lac St. Louis) Wing – Charter granted October 1963

318 (Chicoutimi) Wing

333 (Lord Beaverbrook) Wing

394 Wing

400 (Guelph Wings Club) Wing – formed pre-1948

401 (Air Force Club of Kirkland Lake) Wing, Kirkland Lake, ON –  formed pre-1948

402 (Sudbury District Air Force Association) Wing, Sudbury, ON –  formed pre-1948

403 (City of Sarnia) Wing –  formed pre-1948

404 (Kitchener-Waterloo) Wing – formed pre-1948

405 (Porcupine) Wing, Timmins, ON – formed pre-1948

406 (North Bay and District) Wing – Charter granted 5 May 1949; Charter Revoked 12 May 1994

407 (Grey-Wellington Border) Wing, Mount Forest, ON – formed pre-1948

408 (Toronto) Wing – formed pre-1948

409 (St. Catherines) Wing, St Catherines, ON – formed pre-1948

410 (Ottawa District) Wing – formed pre-1948

411 (Chatham) Wing –  formed pre-1948

412 (Air Force Club of Windsor) Wing – formed pre-1948

413 (Air Force City) Wing, Trenton, ON

413 (Air Commodore Birchall) Wing, Trenton, ON

414 (North Star) Wing, Cobalt, ON

415 (Prince Edward) Wing, Picton, ON – Charter granted 30 September 1985

416 (Kingston) Wing

417 (Richmond Hill) Wing, Richmond Hill, ON

418 (Belleville) Wing

419 (Oakville) Wing

420 (Oshawa) Wing

421 (Newmarket) Wing, Newmarket, ON

422 (Leamington) Wing

422 (North Bay) Wing – Charter granted 1 July 1994

423 (Chapleau) Wing, Chapleau, ON

424 (Cornwall & District) Wing, Cornwall, ON

425 (Huron) Wing, Goderich, ON

426 (Brockville) Wing, Brockville, ON

427 (London) Wing

428 (Peterborough) Wing

429 (Elgin) Wing

429 (St. Thomas) Wing

429 (Georgina) Wing

430 (Leaming AFC) Wing, Toronto, ON

430 (Warsaw) Wing

431 (Krakow) Wing

432 (Sault Ste Marie) Wing

433 (Renfrew) Wing

434 (Niagara Peninsula) Wing – Charter granted 15 January 1954

434 (Welland) Wing – Charter amended 24 February 1973

436 (Mynarski, VC) Wing, Ottawa, ON

437 (York) Wing

438 (Algonquin) Wing, Pembroke, ON

439 (Ontario Hydro) Wing, Hamilton, ON

440 (Oxford) Wing, Woodstock, Ontario

441 (Kempenfeldt) Wing, Barrie, Ontario

442 (David Hornell, V.C.) Wing

443 (Rideau) Wing

444 (Scarborough) Wing

445 (Adastral) Wing

446 (Brampton) Wing

447 (City of Hamilton) Wing

448 (Owen Sound) Wing

449 (Orillia) Wing

450 (Brockville District) Sabre Wing, Brockville, ON

451 (Downsview-Norway), Toronto, ON

452 Wing, Mount Forest, ON

483 Wing, Niagara Falls, ON

484 (Frontier) Wing, Niagara Falls, ON

485 (Arrow) Wing, Brampton, ON

496 (North Shore) Wing, Blind River, ON

500 (City of Winnipeg) Wing – formed pre-1948

501 (Lakehead) Wing, Port Arthur and Fort William – formed pre-1948

502 (Brandon) Wing

503 (Flin Flon) Wing

504 (Fort Prince of Wales) Wing, Churchill, MB; Chartered October 1962;

600 (Regina) Wing – formed pre-1948

601 (Moose Jaw) Wing – formed pre-1948

602 (Saskatoon) Wing – formed pre-1948

603 (Yorkton) Wing, Yorkton, SK – formed pre-1948

604 (Prince Albert) Wing, Prince Albert, SK

605 (Lloydminster) Wing

700 (Edmonton) Wing, Edmonton, AB – formed pre-1948

701 (Calgary) Wing, Calgary, AB – formed pre-1948

701/767 (Calgary) Wing

702 (Lethbridge) Wing, Lethbridge, AB – formed pre-1948

703 (Central Alberta) Wing, Red Deer, AB

703 (Red Deer) Wing

703 (Fred Sutherland) Wing, Red Deer, AB

704 (Cypress) Wing, Medicine Hat, AB

705 (Rocky Mountain House) Wing

737 (Taber) Wing

767 (Calgary) Wing

783 (Calgary) Wing

784 (Cold Lake) Wing

800 (Forbidden Plateau) Wing, Courtenay, BC – formed pre-1948

800 (Forbidden Plateau) Wing, Cumberland, BC – 1948

800 Wing – Victoria, BC. Charter granted 3 December 1960; Charter surrendered 30 August 2003

801 (City of Victoria) Wing, Victoria, BC – formed pre-1948

801 (Vancouver) Wing

802 (Dogwood) Wing, Vancouver, BC –  formed pre-1948

803 (Rocky Mountain) Wing, Cranbrook, BC

804 (Prisoner of War) Wing, Vancouver, BC

804 (Semianmoo) Wing, Surrey, BC

804 (White Rock)

806 Wing, Richmond, BC

808 (Nanaimo) Wing

808 (Thunderbird) Wing, Nanaimo, BC

861 Wing, Abbotsford, BC

879 Wing, Veder Crossing, BC

882 Wing, Trail, BC

883 Wing, Kelowna, BC

884 Wing, Duncan, BC

886 Wing, Kamloops, BC

888 Wing, Comox, BC

890 Wing

899 Wing, Vernon, BC

900 Wing San Francisco, CA

902 (Aero Camino) Wing – Santa Barbara, CA. Charter granted 1 February 1969.

903 Wing

904 Wing

949 (Eagle) Wing, Sacramento, CA

971 Wing, Colorado Springs, CO

Ontario Group




Wm G. Barker VC honoured at ceremony in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto.




This image shows the presentation of a permanent monument dedicated to William G Barker VC, one of Canada’s greatest fighter pilots from The First World War, on 22 September, 2011. Shown representing the AFAC and Ontario Group at this event are: L to R: Lloyd Hunt of 410 Wing (WWII Spitfire Pilot); RVP Gerry Cuffe of 429 Wing; and LCol (Ret.) Earl Sinnett, also of 410 Wing.

The Ontario Group Handbook (OGHB) is now available for Ontario Group Wings under the “FORMS and DOCUMENTS” extension of this webpage. Simply bring up the AFAC webpage, place your arrow over “ABOUT” – when the list of headings appears under “About”, place your arrow over Ontario Group then scroll over to “Forms and Documents” and click on this heading. The OGHB files will appear. Select any that are required, click on this selection and it will appear on its own page. Click on the file heading to open it. (Posted 5Nov 09)

President: Dave Donovan (416 Wing) 889 Everitt Ave Kingston K7M 4R1 < ddonovan4@cogeco.ca > Ph: 613- 389-1495 (re-elected at 62nd OAGM)
Immediate Past President: Sam Newman CD (427 Wing) 989 Apache Rd London N5V 2V7 < sfn.afac@rogers.com > Ph: 519-452-1886

Honorary Group President: Noel Funge CD (415 Wing) 3365 County Road 3 RR 1 Carrying Place K0K 1L0< va3nt@xplornet.com > Ph: 613-392-8724

First Vice-President: Bill Devereaux (428 Wing) 969 St Paul’s St Peterborough K9H 6J7 < bandpdevro1@sympatico.ca > Ph: 705-876-7225 Cell: 705-927-5440

Second Vice-President: Grant MacDonald CD (413 Wing) PO Box 3054 RR 3 Trenton K8V 5P6 < rmacdonald455@sympatico.ca > Ph: 613-392-7521

Secretary/Treasurer: Shirley Kelly (403 Wing) < skelly4@cogeco.ca > Ph: 519-344-3568

Ceremonial Advisor: CL “Tommy” Thomas CD (413 Wing) < cthomas53@sympatico.ca > Ph: 613- 392-7735


WESTERN REGION: John Hooper (432 Wing) 305 Finn’s Bay Rd. N., Echo Bay P0S 1C0 Ph: 705-248-1233 < johnhooper@xplornet.com >

WINGS: 403 (City of Sarnia); 404 (Kitchener/Waterloo); 411 (Chatham); 412 (Windsor); 427 (London) < www.427wing.com >; 432 ( Algoma).

CENTRAL REGION: RVP: Gerry Cuffe (429 Wing) 5 Artesian Ave Holland Landing L9N 1J3 < gerryann@sympatico.ca > 905- 836-6035

WINGS: 408/437 (Toronto-York); 429 ( Georgina); 434 (Niagara Peninsula); 441(Huronia); 442 (David Hornell V.C.); 444 (Scarborough); 447 (City of Hamilton; 483 (Regional Niagara); 484 (Frontier).

QUINTE REGION: RVP: Howard Johnston (428 Wing) 679 Severn Rd Peterborough K9J 1H8 < howardj@sympatico.ca > Ph: 705- 742-6572 Cell: 705-740-3162

WINGS: 401 (R.L.Edwards); 413 (A/C Leonard Birchall ); 415 (Prince Edward County); 416 (AVM Earl Godfrey); 418 ( Belleville); 420 ( Cityof Oshawa); 428 (Peterborough).

EASTERN REGION: RVP: Moe DeMontigny (433 Wing) 764A McKay St Pembroke K8A 1G9 < afac-og@hotmail.com> 613- 735-1758

WINGS: 410 RCAF (Wm Barker VC); 422 (Nipissing); 424 (Cornwall District); 433 ( Champlain); 443 (Rideau); 450 (Brockville District).

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