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MAFFRE, Gerald Frederick Flying Officer, No.434 Squadron, J10973 Belgian Croix de Guerre 1940 with Palm (deceased) RCAF Personnel Awards 1939-1949
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MAFFRE, F/O Gerald Frederick (J10973) - Belgian Croix de Guerre 1940 with Palm (deceased) - Awarded 17 July 1948 as per Canada Gazette of that date and AFRO 455/48 dated 23 July 1948. Born in Montreal, 8 August 1940. Home in Outremont (clerk). Enlisted in Montreal, 6 June 1940 and posted to No.1 Manning Depot, Toronto. To No.1 ITS, Toronto, 24 June 1940. Promoted LAC, 21 July 1940 and posted to No.4 EFTS, Windsor. To No.31 SFTS, Kingston, 6 October 1940. Promoted Sergeant, 30 December 1940. To Station Trenton, 8 January 1941. To No.9 SFTS, Summerside, 23 March 1941 as instructor. Promoted WO2, 30 December 1941. Commissioned 31 March 1942. Promoted Flying Officer, 1 October 1942. To No.14 SFTS, Aylmer, 5 March 1943. To ?Y? Depot, 29 June 1943. Embarked from Halifax, 21 July 1943. Disembarked in Britain, 29 July 1943. To No.21 (Pilot) AFU, 24 August 1943. Attached to No.1521 Beam Approach Training Flight, 21-28 September 1943. To No.23 OTU, 23 November 1943. To No.61 Base, 13 March 1944 and attached to No.1659 Conversion Unit. Promoted Flight Lieutenant, 31 March 1944. To No.434 Squadron, 14 April 1944. Killed in action with No.434 Squadron, 27/28 April 1944, Halifax LL243. Buried in Holland. He had been very restless as an instructor, with frequent breaches of discipline including leaving the flying area without permission (June 1942), failure to appear for duty on time (August 1942), partaking of alcohol within four hours of flying (December 1942), disregarding CO?s instructions re ?treating? in the mess (December 1942), taxi accident while speeding (December 1942), going on 48 hour pass without permission (February 1943) and slight damage to aircraft owing to dangerous flying and bad air discipline (February 1943). In no case did he receive any punishment more than ?Reproved?but by February 1943 his superiors concluded that his lack of interest now made him useless as an instructor. He was warned that further trouble would jeapordize an overseas posting. He then went to No.14 SFTS, where he clearly ?shaped up?, was described as ?an experienced, hard working pilot and quiet instructor.? Accordingly, an overseas posting was arranged. He was one of four brothers in the RCAF - James Cooper Maffre (Mentioned in Despatches), Gerald Frederick Mafre (Mentioned in Despatches, killed in action), Kenneth Reginald Maffre (killed in action) and John Malcolm Maffre.
MAFFRE, James Cooper Sergeant, Overseas, R77419 Mention in Despatches RCAF Personnel Awards 1939-1949
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MAFFRE, Sergeant James Cooper (R77419) - Mention in Despatches - Overseas - Award effective 1 January 1943 as per London Gazette of that date and AFRO 232/43 dated 12 February 1943. Born 6 January 1918. Home in Treherne, Manitoba; enlisted in Montreal, 22 November 1940. To No.10 Repair Depot, 31 January 1941. To No.3 WS, 15 March 1941. Promoted LAC, 15 April 1941. To No.7 BGS, 3 August 1941; graduated and promoted Sergeant, 1 September 1941. To Embarkation Depot, 2 September 1941. To RAF, 17 September 1941; promoted WO2, 1 November 1942; repatriated 28 December 1943; released 13 April 1944.