Schedule of Events 406 75th Anniversary


Friday, 13 May, we will be holding the Meet and Greet at the Shearwater Aviation Museum.  As parking spaces are limited, we are arranging parking on the base, at the Sea King Club, and transportation to and from the Museum will be provided.  We are finalizing a Brass Band, that will provide music from Big Band era to present for all to enjoy.  There will be a cash bar, and assorted snacks, (cheese trays, sandwiches, desserts) are included in the registration fee.  There will be 406 Sqn displays spread throughout the museum, to peruse.  There will be a speaker’s corner, with video recording equipment, a relaxing setting, where you can relate your stories about times at 406 Sqn.  These interviews will be saved in the archives at the museum, and shared with the Canada Remembers Project.  Your present, will be future history, so serving members are requested as well as past members.

As we finalize more details on events, we’ll be sure to post in this section!