Airpower Advocacy Committee


National Executive Council Discussions at the AFAC Annual General Meeting in October 2005
included reference to the Aviation Affairs Committee. The Committee, first established in
1972, and has enjoyed varying success, meeting more or less regularly over the years. A
wide range of issues have been addressed, including bilingualism in air traffic control,
aerospace industry capabilities, heritage issues, major capital procurements and
important capabilities of the air force. The NEC called for a review of the Committee?s
mandate, which has now been completed and approved, and a ?new? Committee has begun work. In 2011 a change in the name to Airpower Advocacy Committee was put in effect.

Above all, the Airpower Advocacy Committee provides a forum to address the AFAC issues of
the day in which the Association wishes to engage. The Committee can provide a focal
point for collating inputs, researching issues, refining positions, and proposing actions
to take. Throughout, it is critical to remember that advocacy must be consistent with the
values and views of the Association membership and, most importantly, that we speak with
one voice. This demands a solid communications network, both within the Aviation Affairs
Committee, but from it to the NEC and the Association at large. These issues will be an
ongoing theme of the Committee as it addresses areas of concern and develops an approach
to take in each case.

The AFAC National President has designated the following as the core membership of the
*Honourary National President (Chairman)
*Past Honourary National President
*National President
*Past National President
*National 1st Vice President
*National 2nd Vice President

These members are joined by the Special Advisor to the Chief of the Air Staff as well,
who has been a consistent contributor to the Committee over the years and provides an
important link to the Air Staff.

The first meeting of the Committee was held on 23 February 2006. It was recognized that
the Committee members will frequently require outside expertise on various issues to
provide background information and strategic advice on how the Association might approach
a particular concern. For this, the Committee will solicit and welcome input and
assistance from AFAC members.

Additionally, Groups who wish the Committee to address a concern are encouraged to submit
their views at any time. These may be in the form of a resolution for consideration if
desired. Importantly, it should be noted that the Committee will undertake to deal with
issues on a continuing basis — as they arise, rather than limiting consideration to a
meeting schedule. To aid this, electronic communications will be used extensively.

The Aviation Affairs Committee – now the Airpower Advocacy Committee – can fulfill a key role for the AFAC ? advocacy for the
issues in which we believe. Your support and involvement is important.