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Splinter Associations


1963 – Early Birds Association of Canada – This group was the subject of an introduction to RCAF Association members in the February 1963 issue of Wings in Space. In April the magazine reported a name change to Canadian Aviation Historical Society.

ENTHUSIASTS interested in all phased of Canadian aviation from 1909 to 1939 are invited to join a new association formed last month in the Toronto area. Name of the new association is “Early Birds Association of Canada.” Purpose of the group will be to uncover as much early history as
possible and help in the preservation of historical material. Dues are $2.00 yearly for full annual membership, including a membership card. The organization was formed in November and first official meeting took place January 19 in Toronto. It is hoped to issue a quarterly magazine, along with monthly news bulletins from time to time to keep members informed. Officers of the association are shown in the accompanying photo, from right to left: George Morley, president; Jill Burch, recording secretary; and Jeff Burch, secretary- treasurer. Members of the founding group include the above, plus Charles Catalano, Bill Wheeler, Hermann
Karbe, James Secord, Douglas Oliver, Harry Creagen and Leonard May. They all comprise the steering committee of the EBAC. Enthusiastic fans of World War I aviation express their interest in many ways. Many have restored old fighting aircraft, like those shown on the cover this month, while others build models, draw,
paint pictures, write articles or just collect or read books on this period of aerial warfare. A number of similar United States groups have achieved prominence including the famous “Cross and Cockade” Society and the Air Force Historical Foundation. Judging by the interest in the historical series of articles run in
every issue of WINGS IN SPACE since its inception a year ago, many thousands of Canadians will want to become associated with this Early Birds group. The Editor will be glad to forward on to any interested reader an application form. Any contributions readers might care to make towards the heavy organization expenses of the association should be sent directly to the secretary-treasurer, Jeff Burch at 101 Tay sham Crescent, Rexdale, Ont.

THE CANADIAN Aviation Historical Society will be the future name of the new organization of aviation enthusiasts, originally called the “Early Birds”, whose formation was reported in our February issue. George Morley, the president, in a report to members stated: “It has been expressed by various members and others that the name of our association does not adequately describe our organization and causes confusion with another earlier and well known aviation group. “Therefore, after much deliberation and discussion on February 13th 1963, the steering committee recommends that henceforth our association shall be known as: The Canadian Aviation Historical Society.”The committee is of the opinion that the above name conforms more to the aims of our organization and also conforms with other groups in other countries with similar aims. “The executive committee hopes this new name will find acceptance with all our members.” Many readers of this magazine
have written expressing interest in the group and asking for membership applications. The secretary, Jeffrey Burch, may be reached at 101 Taysham Crescent, Rexdale, Ont.

1963 – Quarter-century in Aviation Club

SPARKED by what industry veterans in Vancouver and Winnipeg had done, a small group of enthusiasts held an organizational meeting November 15 at the Skyline Motel in Montreal and proceeded with the formation of the Montreal Branch of the Quarter century in Aviation Club. Forty-two interested people attended and a report from Gordon Thorns about a September exploratory meeting read and approved, following which ten names were nominated for officers of the club with the following result: Chairman, Gordon Thorns; treasurer, Gerry La Grave; secretary, Al Hunt; directors, Tom Smith and A. G. Sims. At the first general dinner meeting held at Dagwoods, January 31, nearly a hundred enthusiasts turned out, many of whom signed applications for membership. An historic film on the testing and first flight of the Noorduyn Norseman aircraft was shown as a tribute to the late Lee Capreol, whose untimely death occurred a few days previously. Members discussed the how, what and why of the club and decided not to admit women to membership. At the March 21st meeting held at the Skyline an excellent film from Pacific Western on northern sport fishing was shown the large group attending. Frank Hartley of Vancouver, who helped spark interest in the local club originally, was issued Club Membership Card
No. 1. Some 85 members were on the roster as of the date of this meeting. A group from Quebec City interested in forming a Club Branch were present and were introduced to members and guests.

1966 – RCAF Pre-war Club

The club was established in 1966 by Fred Nielsen. Of particular interest was the fact Nielsen was employed as the Assistant Secretary-Manager of the RCAF Association at the time. After a number of years it had been “discovered” that he had been using RCAF Association resources to support his splinter organization; for that he was terminated as an employee of the RCAF Association circa 1975. The club prospered until about 2012. Regular membership was open to RCAF veterans who had been in uniform before 01 September 1939; Associate membership was open to all remaining RCAF veterans who joined the service after 01 September 1939.