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NEC Mid-term Meeting 22 March 2014


Read this article on How To Conduct a Teleconference – the ‘Rules’ are summarized below:

  • Respect participant time by starting the meeting on time
  • Remind everyone of the ground rules, how to mute their line, etc.
  • Have an agenda and follow it
  • Ensure that introductions are made, just like you would at an in-person meeting
  • As the chair, listen more than you talk
  • Ensure that everyone is heard, specifically ask silent people for their input
  • Always end by asking if anything has been missed
  • End the meeting on time, or if you need to run late, poll everyone to make sure that they can stay on the line
  • Be on time or call in 1 to 3 minutes early;
  • Speak slowly and clearly;
  • Identify yourself each time you speak, e.g.: “This is…”;
  • When addressing someone specifically (i.e. the Chair), say his/her name to ensure you have that person’s attention;
  • Use your mute and remember to turn it off before speaking;
  • If your cell connection is distorted, drop the call;
  • Do not put the call on hold!

Documents required for the Mid-term meeting can be found here at this link.

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Agenda for NEC 161

Airforce magazine

Budget Status and Proposal Report 20014-2015

Copy of Combined Membership Report Mid-term 23Mar141600hrs


Minutes of the 160th Meeting of the NEC_18Oct113

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