Sea King

Governance Case Studies No. 1 – The Resignation


One day the newly elected Wing President simply resigned. He had only been in the job less than two months. He gave no reason for his resignation. The executive council members were caught off guard, and struggled with what to do next. Most acknowledged they needed a chairman, right away, so the 1st Vice-President volunteered. As this unfolded, there were cries for an general election to be held, from members supporting their favored candidate. Some members of the council moved for an election to be held the next week. Other council members disagreed, so they looked for further advice. Meanwhile, the general members demanding an election promoted their candidate who began declaring the 1st Vice-President’s assumption of the Chairman’s role unconstitutional. “Vacancies in other council positions such as the Wing Public Relations Officer had to be dealt with first,” he declared, “and before that can happen an election of a Wing President must take place, as soon as possible.” Since the election had been scheduled four days away, he agreed with the date. He broadcast a message to anyone who would hear that it would be unfair to the members if an election were not held, denying the members an opportunity to elect the most capable candidate.

What’s wrong with these actions?