Friday September 01 2017

RCAF Colours Presentation

Nathan Philips Square, Toronto, ON

Friday October 20 2017

426 (Training) Squadron Reunion 20-22 October 2017

426 (T) Sqn in Trenton is planning a 75th anniversary celebration 20-22 October of this year. Events include a cairn dedication at the NAFMC, a meet and greet, mess dinner and family day. I would like to know if it is possible to have this event published on the calendar of events in the Magazine, with contact information for anyone interested in attending. The events are open to all former squadron members. Thank You. MAJ MARK WEIDENBORNER, CD

FLT COMD AMSS, 426 (T) SQN, CANADIAN ARMED FORCES, / Tel: 613-392-2811 ext 7106 / CSN: 827-7106, FLT COMD AMSS, 426 (T) SQN, FORCES ARMÉES CANADIENNES, / Tel: 613-392-2811 ext 7106 / RCCC: 827-7106


Saturday October 28 2017

Birchall Leadership Award Gala


Birchall Leadership Award

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum

The Birchall Leadership Award is presented by the Royal Military Colleges Club of Canada Foundation Inc. (The “RMC Foundation”) to honour the memory of 2364 Air Commodore Leonard J. Birchall CM, OBE, DFC, OO, CD [1915-2004], the “Saviour of Ceylon”.

The 2017 recipient of this prestigious award is Colonel Chris Hadfield, internationally-known Canadian astronaut and commander of the International Space Station. He exemplifies the qualities of Air Commodore Birchall. Colonel Hadfield will be the keynote speaker at the 2017 Birchall Leadership Award Gala in Hamilton.

Birchall was an extraordinary leader, a distinguished RMC ex-cadet, RCAF career officer, former Commandant of RMC, Honorary Colonel of 413 Squadron and until his death on September 10, 2004, the Vice-Patron of the RMC Club, exemplified a unique leadership quality which this award celebrates, and that is the ability to stand up in the face of difficulty or adversity to promote the welfare and safety of those under his command.

Noted CBC broadcaster Peter Mansbridge will be our emcee for this gala evening! The amazing setting amid the restored aircraft of the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum will make for a memorable night!