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The Last Posting?section of Airforce magazine is a service offered to members, and their families, free of charge. Our members joined the Air Force Association of Canada to connect with others?with whom they can share a common identity and experiences.?When a member and friend passes on, the Last Posting?information helps those “who shall grow older” to reflect on the experiences they shared, and to contact the surviving family members who may be interested in learning from association members what surviving family members were unable to learn from their loved one, who is now gone. Non-members, especially veterans, can have their information published for a?fee of $30 per entry. If a photograph is to be published with the entry, please add $30. We encourage surviving family members to consider publishing their (veteran) loved one’s biographical sketch/obituary with photograph on the association web-site, here in the Contrails section. Historians?consult these “final chapters”?to help tell of the epic?contribution to unit, Flight, Squadron, Wing, Group, Formation, Command and country.?Obituaries and photographs can be published on the Air Force Association of Canada Last Posting and Contrails web-site for a fee of $30 for members and $60.00 for non-members. E-mail the Editor Airforce magazine ( ) for further information. Last Posting entries can be accessed, below.

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