Bomber Command Memorial Unveiling


The Bomber Command Memorial will proudly commemorate the 55,573 bomber airmen killed. They died in blazing, crashing aircraft whilst fighting against the enemies of our free world. It is nothing short of a national disgrace that we have


far failed to properly recognise these brave individuals who helped give us lasting freedom from the horrors the Nazis inflicted on the world. These 55,573 bomber aircrew lives were lost waging the Bomber Command campaign during the Second World War. Of this 9,919 were RCAF aircrew. The total number of aircrew dead and presumed dead stands at or near 73,741. The loss rate was a shocking 60%. These brave young men knew full well that when they went on these missions their chances of coming back were slim. But, they went all the same. There has been much discussion about a medal to honour them but, sadly, in Canada, the idea of a bomber command campaign medal remains just that ? an idea. Campaigns supporting our Canadian bomber command veterans have been overshadowed by

those seemingly more content to leverage as blame the horrors of war, rather than leverage as gratitude for the resulting peace. Perhaps the medal remains only an idea because those who might approve of it have been swayed by

arguments of blame. The Air Force Association

of Canada exists to focus not on blame but on gratitude, not on war but on peace. We now have a chance to make up for these past omissions somewhat, in supporting this great initiative that is taking place in the UK on 28 June 2012. Join our campaign to secure government support to send a contingent of surviving bomber command veterans from Canada to the unveiling of this important symbol.

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