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F/Lt F.C. Davies DFC from Toronto On. wrote at April 7, 2013:
Hi Heather Logan
I was on the Squadron with your Dad. Yes he had a rough time, shot down twice. I only went down once.
Heather S. Logan from Kingston, Ontario wrote at April 1, 2013:
Have found quite an informative listing for my father S/L Lloyd E. Logan with 405 Pathfinders. Quite in detail of him being shotdown. I'm still reading .... but fantastic website.
Michael de Silva from Cambridge, England wrote at March 20, 2013:
A reminder for WWII RCAF Veterans that the BOMBER COMMAND Clasp is now available free from UK MoD for those eligible.
Visit for an application form. A small, very late recognition for heroic service given. Next-of-kin can also apply.
Tom Loomis from Dartmouth Nova Scotia wrote at March 19, 2013:
Looking for information and the service record of my father S/L James Gordon Mann Loomis who served at base 62 from 42-45. Pictures and the names of the personel that he served with would be nice. Thank you for any help that you can give me. Tom Loomis,Dartmouth, NS
Ron Howland from London UK. wrote at March 3, 2013:
Re the Eagle/Albatross dispute. I have one of the eagle brooches from Paris mentioned here. The company name was FIX (pronounced feese) which is stamped on the reverse. It was also worn by many french flyers prior to an official insignia, who some have claimed, were copying british insignia. The Paris story related here makes much more sense because FIX were a popular Paris jewellery maker of the time. From this info it is more then that we, the Brits, were copying the french. Thanks for clarifying that important historical detail.A great site.
Oluf Eriksen from Denamrk wrote at February 20, 2013:
Great to see the RCAF come back to original name. Enjoyed your aircrew members over many years with gratitude following wings presentation at No. 3 FTS Claresholm, Canada Course 38, DEC 1952. Still enjoy many happy moments of flying given by our fine WW II RCAF Spitfire pilot, Flying Officer Cliff King.
Richard Nickerson from Miramichi New Brunswick wrote at February 20, 2013:
looking for info on sabre crash from sabre transition unit RCAF Chatham near Heath Steele Mines Newcastle NB 1965 or 66,my father witnessed this crash,and had a piece of wreck,he and others rushed to crash site,unfortunately this was a fatal crash.Can you tell me anything about this ie pilots name etc.
avery aronovitch from delray beach,florida, 33483 wrote at February 17, 2013:
Hi,I served from 1952-1955 and was stationed at a number of bases,but one in particular was being part of the advanced party in the opening of #210 AC&W Sqn.,Moisie,Que.,and I have been looking for an old friend by the name of Lionel Chartrand if anyone knows of his wereabouts I would sure like to get in touch with him I never did get to thank him..Avery
Ellen Kerr from Dundee, Scotland, U.K. wrote at February 10, 2013:
Trying to locate info on a cousin of mine- George Roy Bullion- served as a Pilot Officer - latterly attached to Sqd.273 R.A.F. WW2 -unfortunately killed over Singapore 11/12/1944 - Have family info but would dearly love to have his War record - can anyone out there assist me! Roy as he was known, was my childhood hero! Parents were Edward and Maargaret Bullion of Baldur, Manitoba.
Max Robbins from Waimate, New Zealand wrote at February 5, 2013:
12 Squadron Bomber Command Lancaster ND342 PH-U. This bomber was shot down on a bombing run to Essen on 12th Dec 1944. My partner's uncle was the pilot and there were 2 Canadians in the crew. F/Sgt J.R.Patterson, Rear Gunner was killed and F/L Bert E.W Hall, Navigator was also killed. I am compiling all the information I can and have photo's of the crew, raid sheets etc. Would love to find the descendents of these 2 aviators and share all this info with them
Leslie Sadler from Canada wrote at February 3, 2013:
My father who passed away 2years ago came to Canada as a RAF mechanic in 1941, serving at North Battleford BACTP base. I am writing a novel on Canadian pilots who joined the BCATP, I need some information on certain aircraft, would help if not I surely enjoyed your site. Thanks so very much.

Edmonton AB.
Jayne Edwards from Plymouth, UK wrote at January 31, 2013:
SEARCHING FOR BETTY HAYES who left to be with FRANK, Royal Canadian Air Force in 1960. She left her children and has never been heard of since. Her duaghter has searched for 30 years and desperately seeks some closure. Does anyone know what Squadrons served at RAF Uxbridge in 1959/60 so that we might contact them. Grateful for any assistance.
Lori Riley from Langley, B.C. wrote at January 31, 2013:
I am interested in finding out more information on my uncle - 6 27 Flying Officer Collingwood, George F-86 Sabre II 19291 25 August 1952
Rosemary Edmeads from Culver City, California wrote at January 30, 2013:
Reply to Andy Davis
Reference RAF Records for your father Sgt A C Davis
Try the following site
They have all the information and forms you can download to apply for your dads records. Cost is 30 pounds.
Good luck with your search
Rosemary Edmeads
Rosemary Edmeads from Culver City California wrote at January 29, 2013:
I am interested in finding the whereabouts two RCAF crew members or their families who flew on Halifax JP162FS-S 148 Special Duties Squadron on the night of Aug 4/5th 1944 when it was shot down near Wojnarowa Poland after dropping supplies to the partisan groups
They are F/O Phillip James Anderson and Sgt Robert Orlando Peterson who were two of the four crew who evaded capture ( Sgt Jolly and Sgt Underwood) and returned to England in March 1945. I am the daughter of Sgt John Rae who was KIA Also KIA were Ft Lt McCall and Sgt Aspinall.
I have been researching the history of this crew this last flight of JP126 and have been helped by a group of Polish aircraft history enthusiasts Excavations have been made and a TV documentary made of the crash site in 2010. Items have been displayed in The Home Army Museum in Krakow.There are plans to honor the crew of JP 162 I would be happy to hear from anyone who could give me further information on these two men. I am traveling to Krakow this summer to meet with these people who have been so helpful.
Kind regards
Rosemary Edmeads nee Rae
John O'Boyle from Burlington, ON wrote at January 28, 2013:
Was trying to look up some old information, and came across this site. Interesting!

Hi to all my old friends form the old Air Force, the goods old days.

Case Balk from Mississauga Canada wrote at January 22, 2013:
Just Passing thru.
Served 1965-1985
Paul Richardson from UK wrote at January 17, 2013:
Great website!
Currently looking for relatives of, Stephen George Cockrane Sherman. He flew with my great uncle on Lancaster JB708 which went down 10/11 may 1944.
andy davis from england wrote at January 10, 2013:
trying to find my fathers raf record
flight sergeant A C Davis i think his service number was 522305.please can anybody help.Thank you.
AL BELLIVEAU from GREENWOOD NOVA SCOTIA wrote at January 9, 2013:
Enjoy my first visit to your web site.
Looking forward for more interestesting topics