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Kerie Howett from Baffle Creek Australia wrote at March 15, 2015:
My brother-in-law, Ernest Howlett was a Member of the RCAF in the 1950's. His plane crashed in February 1956 and was lost for 3 days. He has the original Telegrams sent to his family telling them he was missing in action and then 3 days later say he was found! Does any Member remember this incident and Ernest Howlett? He is an Australian. Looking forward to a reply. Hopefully! Cheers to all.
Sandra (Borland) DesRoches from Ontario wrote at March 14, 2015:
Captain Robert James Borland was one of the greatest men in my life. He died way too young as many do. I have missed him for 37 years (2015) love & miss you
Lynn Clifford Brown from Robbinsville NC USA wrote at February 18, 2015:
My uncle was John Sandfield Clifford I always heard about him and had met him at my fathers funeral in 1963. Looking to connect with his daughters Carol and Janice
Joseph James Thomson from Toronto wrote at February 6, 2015:
THANK YOU for your service.forever in your grandfather served ww2.
my daughter enlists in the rcac 818 falcons on monday and proud as she is excited.
Lloyd Rain from Yuma, Arizona wrote at January 31, 2015:
I was in the RCAF from 1960 to 1966, spending most of my time after "wings" instructing at Penhold on Harvard and a summer at Cold Lake on T-33s and a year later, one summer at C/Borden instructing Air Cadets. I haven't joined ghe Association because the RCAF disappeared for about 30 years and because I don't like being solicited for money. There is one issue that has been bothering mer for a few years. There was a pilot named ???Pitt who ejected from a Harvard II in Moose Jaw in 2002 --- I discovered a very good report on his flight and the ejection while I was surfing the web. The crew of the CT-155 #202 on May 14, 2004 was an IP, Captain John “Jabba” Hutt of the Canadian Forces, and SP, F/L Ed Morris of the Royal Air Force. Hutt was badly injured but I never could find out what became of him --- mainly, did he recover from his injuries and was he ever able to fly again? I never knew him, of course, but the issue remains with me as unfinished business. Does anyone know what became of him? Best wishes to all.
Wim Slangen from Netherlands wrote at January 25, 2015:
On the 15th june 1943 Flight Sergeant WR Matheson of RCAF crashed on board of Lancaster EE167 of RAAF 460 in which he served as mid upper gunner
in Schinveld-Netherlands. He was severely injured, taken prisoner and exchanged as a POW mid september 1944 because of his leg injuries.

Our last knowledge is his widows address - 44 Jackes Ave, Toronto - and that he passed away in 2002.
Who can help us on more information regarding Mr Matheson?

Us, that is a group of Dutch people who want to erect a monument on the crash site.
Wayne Hall wrote at January 7, 2015:
My Dad, F/L Donald George Hall was at Middleton St. George with 419 from Dec '42 to Aug.'45...I would be interested to know if Della Baldwin or anyone else has any info' on him. He was a Flight Eng. and the Engineer Officer for 419.He did about half his tour crewed W/C Merv Fleming who was also Squadron C.O.
Sallie Cooper from Nottingham, England wrote at December 28, 2014:
I am the grand daughter of John William Shanks born approx. 1918 (96) who served in the Air Force and was based at Langer airfield, Nottingham during WW2. My mum never new him and would like to know what happened to him, there doesn't seem to be any record of him. Many people have tried. I am trying now and if there is anyone still alive that served at the same place that new him I would like to know you. Many thanks. Sallie
cpl jim hiuser from grand bend ont wrote at December 10, 2014:
I served 5 yrs with aete in cold lake and 9.months in snags in 4 wing. I was a ae tech from aug 67 to oct 74. would like to here from anyone who nows me
Della Baldwin from England wrote at November 22, 2014:
I wish I'd found this site before. My husband was in the RAF, seconded to the RCAF 428 squadron (Ghost) which twinned to 419 at Middletn-St-George, England.
I have details of raids and personnel taking part in them for four months of 1943. I have also written a book which is on Amazon called Whichever Way the Wind Blows. It centers on a Canadian crew at the station, although it's also a love story. It describes raids, including Peenamunde, and you will see what those boys had to contend with.
D.M.Wynn from England wrote at November 22, 2014:
I have written a book which centers on a Canadian crew based in N/E England during WW2. Although it's partly a love story, it is also a tribute to those gallant young men from overseas to came to fight for Britain during her hour of need. The book is on Amazon (and Kindle) and is called Whichever Way the Wind Blows by D.M.Wynn. Read it and understand just what they had to go through. I woud be grateful for your feedback. Many thanks.
Sheila Kettley from drakes broughton wrote at November 12, 2014:
My mother was with the royal Canadian air force station
Linton on ouse. York.
Her name was Helen ross 2118101.
I have Christmas menu for 1943 and 1944.
With photos of king George queen Elizabeth and princess Elizabeth.
Can you help.
Sheila kettley
Margaret Aitchison Palmer-Brown from Argyll Scotland wrote at November 12, 2014:
I am desperately trying to find more information about pilot Officer Hugh MacLachlan Aitchison RCAF attached to 75 Squad RAF who died on 15 September 1941 and is buried at Hamburg Cemetery. That is all I have been able to find through search engines. I heard he had been awarded a medal of some kind but find no trace of same.I was told many years ago that he was in a lockheed Hudson when he was shot down but I do not know if this is accurate. I am an old lady now and need to find out all I can about Hugh so tnat his memory can be kept alive by my children and grandchildren. Can Anyone help.
Kathleen Snider from St.Catharines, ON wrote at November 6, 2014:
I am looking for information on John "Jack" Douglas Snider. He was in the 78th squadron from June to November 1941 for his first tour.
His second was with the 419 from Feb to May 1943. He was an instructor in the UK for 6 months before returning to Ottawa.
Stuart Tait from Ottawa, Ontario wrote at October 18, 2014:
Looking fore information on Ted Argue of 403 Squadron. He was my supervisor when I was working for Customs and Excise in 1969. I need his aircraft serial number and aircraft codes so that I may make a spitfire model of his aircraft.
Michael MacNamara from Fonthill Ontario wrote at September 27, 2014:
1962 - 1968 104 KU and 414 (EW) Squadron.... Then to 424 Trenton and finally CFB Bagotville. 1972
David Barrett from Chilliwack, British Columbia wrote at September 14, 2014:
1944 #7 O.T.U. Debert Nova Scotia.

On January 6th --1944 ---I was flying a Mosquito Aircraft - I hit another Mosquito aircraft on take-off, the aircraft I hit was on the wrong runway --a command investigation I was not at fault -- both aircraft were destroyed --Does anyone remember the accident --I left for England soon after ---would like to know if anyone remembers.
David Barrett wrote at September 14, 2014:
1944 #7 O.T.U. Debert Nova Scotia.

On January 6th --1944 ---I was flying a Mosquito Aircraft - I hit another Mosquito aircraft on take-off, the aircraft I hit was on the wrong runway --a command investigation I was not at fault -- both aircraft were destroyed --Does anyone remember the accident --I left for England soon after ---would like to know if anyone remembers.
HCol Ronald M. Begg, ret'd - CFSACO -RCAF from Cornwall, Ontario wrote at September 11, 2014:
To all of our veterans you made us proud during the campaigns and continue to this the eagles fly high....and God Bless
Christopher White from 59 Bramblegrove Cres., Ottawa ON K1T 3G2 wrote at September 10, 2014:
My mother, Ruth White (Section Officer WAAF) passed away today. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers Ruth as a long-time member of the RCAFA Toronto.