500 Wing (Winnipeg)

500 (City of Winnipeg) Wing Meetings

Meetings of 500 (City of Winnipeg) Wing, Air Force Association of Canada are normally held on the third Wednesday of the month in the 17 Wing Winnipeg, Officers’ Mess commencing at 1900 Hours (7 P. M.).

The next business meeting is scheduled for September 17, 2014.

Future meetings will be held on October 15 and November 19, 2014.

All are welcome to come participate and share their experience.


  • Stand down for the summer months.
  • Battle of Britain Ceremony – September 21, 2014 at the Garden of Memories, 17 Wing Winnipeg.

To find out more about 500 Wing, contact us at:

500 (City of Winnipeg) Wing AFAC

Suite 189

PO Box 17000 Stn Forces

Winnipeg, MB, R3J 3Y5

or by email at edecaux@shaw.ca.

The 500 Wing Executive Council: