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Foreign Personnel in RCAF Units Overseas

NON-CANADIAN PERSONNEL DECORATED FOR SECOND WORLD WAR SERVICES WITH RCAF UNITS OVERSEAS compiled for No.1 Air Division by Hugh A. Halliday, 1594 Delia Crescent, Orleans, Ontario, K4A 1W9, (613) 830-8366. Acknowledgement: This data base has been prepared with generous assistance from Surgeon Commander (ex F/O) John Blatherwick, CM, CD, MD, New Westminster, British Columbia. Hugh… Read More

RCAF Association Position Paper – 01/2018 – RCAF Personnel

RCAFA POSITION PAPER 01/2018 Issue: RCAF Personnel Challenge Background ● The Government of Canada released its Strong, Secure, Engaged (SSE) policy document in June 2017. As part of its goal to renew and strengthen the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), the Government has stated its intention to grow the Regular Force from an authorized level of… Read More

Roundel Magazine – Consolidated Index (RCAF)

R.C.A.F. ROUNDEL MAGAZINE – MASTER INDEX The Roundel – Nov 1948  to Jun 1965  1948 Nov 1948       Northern Sky Trails        Pt I  – History of tho RCAF Dec 1948       Northern Sky Trails        Pt II – Early Sub-Arctic Operations 1949 Jan 1949        Northern Sky Trails        Pt III – A/C Ross and others Feb 1949       Northern Sky… Read More

RCAF Greenwood Reunions 2016

RCAF heritage marks 75-year milestones in June   Sara Keddy, Managing editor   A lot has changed, but a lot has stayed the same. The 75-year heritage – and future – of four Royal Canadian Air Force Squadrons will be showcased at a June gathering at 14 Wing Greenwood, Nova Scotia; along with 50 years’… Read More

Proposal for a New RCAF Association Crest/Badge

Every member has earned the privilege of helping to shape the future affairs of their association, in exchange for their in-good-standing status. To that end, your participation in the following proposal would be very helpful. The senior leadership of your association recently met with the Commander RCAF to discuss aspects of a Membership Campaign we… Read More

RAF, RAAF, RNZAF Personnel in Canada

Commonwealth Personnel Serving in Canada ROYAL AIR FORCE, ROYAL AUSTRALIAN AIR FORCE, AND ROYAL NEW ZEALAND AIR FORCE PERSONNEL DECORATED FOR SERVICE IN CANADA DURING THE SECOND WORLD WAR. During the Second World War, many members of the Commonwealth air forces served in Canada as part of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan, Ferry Command,… Read More

March 1944

Wednesday, 1 March, 1944 No operations and no non-operational flying were done today.  The remainder of the pilots and our MO, F/L D.S. Munroe, as well as the Squadron clerk came back from Hutton Cranswick by rail today.  The other Squadrons here did a sweep today which proved uneventful.  We are al hoping that the… Read More

February 1944

Tuesday, 1 February, 1944 It was windy and cold with 10/10ths low layer cloud all day.  There were two non-operational sorties carried out today on local flying.  Today, Air Vice Marshall W.F. Dickson, CB, DSO,CBE, AFC, presented our Squadron with its approved Squadron crest.  All of the airfield personnel and the members of the Squadron… Read More

January 1944

Saturday, 1 January, 1944 The day started with scattered clouds that became thicker in the afternoon.  Four of our pilots went on a ‘Ranger’ this afternoon but no enemy aircraft were encountered.  There were ten non-operational sorties flown on aircraft tests and local flying.  One flight was on readiness this afternoon for a couple of… Read More


RCAFA POSITION PAPER 01/2019 Issue: TIME FOR AN INTERIM NORAD CAPABILITY PROGRAM (INCP) Background The Government of Canada released its Strong, Secure, Engaged (SSE) policy document in June of 2017. This document laid the framework for defence priorities and planned acquisitions for the next twenty years. This policy document also identified government intentions relevant to… Read More

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